Saturday, 30 June 2007

School Holidays

I have written so many blogs since my first entry, but they are all in my head. Instead of blogging, I've been listening to podcasts and working hard on my bebo page. It's all set up and running now, and I'm into a routine with the podcasts, so all that's left is to get on with blogging.

So, the school holidays started on Wednesday at lunchtime with a party for 19 teenagers. They ate pizza at my friend's house, then walked to my house and ate ice lollies and had the traditional "Monarch of the Quiz". Then some of them did some bread stick fencing (it does exactly what it says on the tin). I think everyone enjoyed themselves: I certainly did. These teenagers come to my house every week for Nurture Group which is a Bible study group for 12 to 18 year olds.

On Thursday, my daughter had to have two teeth out in preparation for getting her brace fitted. That meant a fairly quiet day for the two of us: I ironed while she recovered.

Today has been spent outside, mostly in the garden. I finally potted up my tomatoes - later then ever but hopefully they'll grow fast now. I dug up the old broccoli plants - well, actually I sawed them up because they were nearly 1.5 metres tall. Finally I got round to some weeding and the major job (late too) of tying in the bramble.

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Endlessly restless said...

time to get those blogs out of your head now - holidays are over ;-)