Friday, 5 December 2008

How to delay Christmas shopping

There's obviously something about December that brings out the blogger in me. Or maybe it's just that things happen to me in December and then I feel the need to blog. Anyway, here's how the story goes.

On Tuesday, I had a verruca treated with liquid nitrogen. I was surprised at how painful it was, and how difficult it was to walk. The pain was making me feel very guilty because several years ago, when teenage daughter was about 6 or 7, she had the same treatment and I shrugged off her complaints that her foot was sore. I'm wondering now if I even gave her any Calpol...too late for that, I guess.

Over the next two days, this great pus-filled blister grew on my foot till it was about 6cm across. Yesterday I saw my GP who had a student in tow. They took one look, the student said, "Lance it" while the GP said "Leave it - unless it grows bigger".

During the course of yesterday, it grew bigger so this morning I hobbled across black ice and frozen snow to have the thing lanced. GP thinks it was a severe reaction to the liquid nitrogen and has told me to keep my feet up for as long as possible. So all Christmas shopping is delayed till further notice.


Guineapigmum said...

Being told to put your feet up - that sounds so desirable yet so unachievable. Hope your foot's long since healed!

Guineapigmum said...

And I've just realised that post was 2008. 2008? Where have you been? Your foot really must be better now.